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EdTech - AutoSens Academy


AutoSens Academy is an innovative edtech product designed to empower engineers and technologists with the essential knowledge and skills required to excel in the rapidly evolving field of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle technology. As the lead product manager, I played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of this comprehensive online learning platform, catering to both B2B and B2C users within the automotive engineering community.

In the development of AutoSens Academy, I collaborated with a diverse team, each contributing expertise crucial to the project’s success. Working closely with the Managing Director, we identified market gaps and conceptualized innovative solutions. Alongside Marketing, we crafted compelling branding and messaging strategies to drive user engagement. The Production team ensured top-quality course content, while Sales supported revenue growth through strategic package offerings. As the product manager, I oversaw all aspects, from conception to launch, including planning, design, developer management, testing, and customer support. Together, our efforts led to the creation of AutoSens Academy, revolutionizing automotive engineering education.

Key Features:

  • Marketing Sales Page: Developed a compelling sales page showcasing the value proposition and benefits of AutoSens Academy, including subscription packages integrated seamlessly into the ecommerce system.
  • User Portal: Designed a user-friendly portal interface for easy navigation and access to course modules, enabling users to track their progress and seamlessly resume learning sessions.
  • E-learning Tool: Implemented a robust e-learning module featuring interactive lessons, progress tracking, quizzes, downloadable resources, and certification capabilities.
  • Community Engagement: Incorporated community features such as internal messaging, following, and discussion forums, fostering a collaborative learning environment for users to connect and engage with peers and industry experts.

Challenges & Solutions:

One of the primary challenges was to create a user experience that caters to individuals under extreme working pressure while maintaining engagement and ease of use. To address this, I prioritized simplicity and intuitive navigation throughout the platform, ensuring users could easily access and digest the extensive learning materials at their own pace.

Market Research & Insights:
Extensive market research informed the development of AutoSens Academy, identifying a growing demand for specialized education in ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology. By collaborating with industry experts and academia, we curated high-quality technical content and tailored the platform to meet the evolving needs of automotive professionals seeking to stay ahead in this dynamic field.

AutoSens Academy successfully launched with a comprehensive suite of features and content, garnering positive feedback from users and industry stakeholders alike. With over 12 technical modules, 38 hours of recorded video content, and access to expert instructors, the platform has empowered countless engineers and technologists to ignite their careers and excel in the future of automotive technology.

Enterprise Subscription Video Streaming - AutoSensPLUS

AutoSensPLUS emerged as a response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, transforming a traditional events business into a dynamic online platform. Comprising a vast video catalogue and live sessions, AutoSensPLUS offers users unparalleled access to over 1,000 videos covering ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology. With the ability to search, filter, and curate personalized playlists, users can delve into technical innovations, insightful discussions, and past conference archives, empowering them to stay abreast of industry developments.

Key Features:

  • Marketing Page: Informative hub offering product details and subscription options.
  • Video Catalogue with Powerful Filtering: Extensive library with advanced filtering options (essential for managing large amounts of video content).
  • Bookmarking: Personalized playlist creation for convenient future viewing.
  • Watch History: Track and resume playback seamlessly with the latest watched history feature.
  • Live Sessions with Streaming: Interactive sessions for real-time engagement and knowledge-sharing facilitated by streaming capabilities and live chat.

Challenges & Solutions:

Developing AutoSensPLUS presented several challenges, including the curation and integration of a vast amount of content and the creation of a live session page with custom streaming and chat functionalities. Overcoming these obstacles required meticulous planning, coordination, and management. Collaborating closely with the production team, I spearheaded the content preparation process and managed contract developers to implement the necessary features, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Market Research & Insights:
Extensive market research revealed a unique opportunity for AutoSensPLUS in the automotive industry, as competitors typically did not record conference sessions. Drawing inspiration from successful consumer streaming platforms like Netflix, we tailored the platform to cater to a professional audience, incorporating features such as a dark background for optimized video viewing. This innovative approach differentiated AutoSensPLUS and positioned it as a leading solution in the market, attracting users seeking high-quality, industry-specific content.

The launch of AutoSensPLUS marked a significant milestone in our company’s evolution, introducing a new revenue stream and expanding our reach beyond traditional event formats. Through collaborative efforts with cross-functional teams, we successfully conceptualized, developed, and launched a cutting-edge platform that continues to empower users with valuable insights and resources in the rapidly evolving automotive technology landscape.

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