Hello, I'm

Deborah Felicio

8+ yrs in IT and Systems. Led digital presence and product creation for businesses venturing into the digital realm or start-ups. Bridging systems, stakeholders, and customer narratives.

Specialized Skills

Tools I'm familiar with

Trello, Jira, Confluence, Basecamp, Slack, Teams, HubSpot, Salesforce, complete G Suite and Office 365 Admin, WordPress, Ecommerce, Woocommerce, Shopify, Drupal, AWS, complete Google tools suite, Zapier, Exchange, Sharepoint and general API connections.

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)​
With emphasis in International Commerce
IESB | Bauru, Sao Paulo – Brazil

Key Modules: Global Business Fundamentals, Strategic Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, International Marketing, Financial Management in Global Markets, Legal Aspects of International Trade, Entrepreneurship and Project Management, Organizational Communication and Human Resource Management, Technology in Business.

Product Owner Certification
Product HQ

Expected date of completion: March. 2024

Salesforce Administrator & Business Analyst

Trailhead Sales Force Training Hub

Expected date of completion: March. 2024

Employment and Career Overview

Head Of Web And Systems | Digital Product Manager

Company: Sense Media Group Horsham, UK | Valencia, Spain
Helping deliver international events, online training, on-demanding content, and SaaS

7+ years of progressive experience. During my time with Sense Media, I played a pivotal role in the company’s digital transformation, overseeing growth from a team of 4 to 15 professionals. I coordinated innovative solutions to address challenges, utilizing market insights and effective communication to align stakeholder needs.

Additionally, acting as Product Manager and Product Owner, I led the development of pioneering digital products such as web based AutoSens Academy and AutoSensPLUS, and KioskMode, a SaaS for event managers, which significantly diversified our revenue streams.

This journey has been incredibly fulfilling, yet as it drew to a close, I realized that product management, amidst my multifaceted responsibilities, resonated with me the most. Recognizing where my true passion lies, I’ve decided to pivot my career focus. I am now actively seeking opportunities where I can exclusively dedicate myself to product management, allowing me to deepen my expertise and propel my career forward in this dynamic field.

Throughout the years, my array of responsibilities encompassed:

Digital Product Management:

  • Conducted comprehensive market research and led product research through stakeholder consultations.
  • Crafted project scope, budgets, and deadlines, managing the entire app production process.
  • Hands-on approach to building web apps, managing and updating content, and implementing community features.

Systems Stack, Data Management, and Connectivity:

  • Consulted, evaluated, and deployed all systems used by the company, managing data synchronization.
  • Conducted audits, maintained systems, and managed backlog requirements, improving processes.
  • Oversaw business connectivity and managed digital resource budgets.

Processes, Training, and Onboarding:

  • Collaborated across teams for process reviews, authored digital onboarding material, and delivered internal training.
  • Onboarded internal members and clients on optimal digital tool usage, and presented stakeholders with project updates and improvement suggestions.

Digital Presence, E-commerce, and Products:

  • Planned, built, and maintained websites with advanced e-commerce capabilities.
  • Led development of new SaaS products, conducted audits, and planned improvements.

This experience uniquely positions me to excel as a Product Manager, combining business strategy, product creation, data analysis, and technical expertise in an agile environment.

IT Technician | Tech Support

Company: Principal Corporation Limited
Managed Print Services & IT Solutions

Commencing as a data entry specialist, my role involved meticulous updates for the company’s managed printers usage numbers into the billing system. Recognizing my analytical abilities, I earned a promotion within two months.

This progression involved training in network connectivity and server management, leading to overseeing printer servers, enabling remote connections, and offering technical support to internal engineers and clients. Notably, I managed printer deployment and support for a major UK pet store chain, comprising over 400 units, collaborating closely with their IT team.

My key responsibilities were:

  • Collaborating with engineers and clients to determine system requirements.
  • Deploying and maintaining printer and scanner software according to agreed-upon plans, primarily providing phone support to non-technical customers. Effectively communicating technical information to ensure successful completion of tasks.
  • Providing training and guidance on deployed systems to enhance product and service utilization.
  • Delivering support via phone and email channels.
  • Installing and managing Principal’s print manager software on client computers to ensure proactive maintenance of printers and timely delivery of components like cartridges and parts, minimizing printer downtime.

My technical expertise gained as an IT Technician Support, particularly in management and troubleshooting, positions me well to address issues effectively. This experience enhances my ability to troubleshoot and maintain the optimal functionality of systems, a crucial aspect of a product management role.

Founder And Owner

Online Bridal Boutique International for the Portuguese Speaking Market | Brazil, Portugal, Angola

Upon relocating to the UK in 2012 with limited English proficiency, I embraced entrepreneurship, establishing an online boutique for bespoke wedding dresses. Overcoming the language barrier, I leveraged my recently acquired business skills from completing my bachelor’s degree to achieve noteworthy results. Here are some key achievements:

  • Established a distinctive brand identity and successfully launched the online boutique.
  • Developed proficiency in Google ranking tools, advertising, analytics, and marketing strategies.
  • Cultivated a substantial social media presence on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Utilized YouTube for customer engagement, leading to industry recognition, with our videos amassing over 49,441 views.
  • Expanded operations, managing a team of five employees in Brazil.

This was a bootstrapped business,
growing from just me into a team of 5 located in Brazil, which I managed from the UK. Over the years, we made the dream of personalized wedding dress a reality for hundreds of brides around the world. During the height of Facebook’s popularity, our page amassed 170,000 likes, positioning me as a specialist in the industry and leading to interviews with some of the most famous news outlets in the country.

This entrepreneurial journey highlights my adaptability and strategic skills, especially in product ownership, as I led continuous improvements to meet evolving market demands.

Fun Facts

  1. Passionate Traveler: Despite adjusting my travel plans during the pandemic, I have a deep love for exploring new places.

  2. Culinary Adventurer: I enjoy the art of crafting meals from scratch, whether it’s making my own tofu or creating various vegan milks, reproducing some well know favours, etc.

  3. Brazilian Improvisation: Hailing from Brazil, I’ve inherited the knack for improvisation—it’s in our DNA. No task is insurmountable, and anything can become a tool to get the job done.

  4. Eternal Learner: A love for learning is deeply rooted in my Brazilian upbringing. I believe in continuously expanding my knowledge, ensuring we never run out of interesting topics to discuss.

  5. Manual Dexterity: Balancing hours in front of a computer, I find solace in manual activities during my spare time—be it painting a wall, fixing furniture, sewing clothes, or indulging in the extensive cleaning required with our six pets (two dogs, three cats, and a turtle).

  6. Professional Listener:
    While I keep things professional at work, I am always willing to lend a sympathetic ear. I excel at listening.

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